We’re nearly half way through 2018, however show season is only about to really take off for us.

With Sonny and Matt taking a step away from Candy, Will Chappell and I continue to attend automotive events up and down the UK (as well as some in Europe) in order to meet as many of you as possible, whilst providing professional content for you to enjoy.

In the past few months, we’ve upgraded our equipment, launched our first clothing items and introduced the invite only large Candy Showroom banners which you might see at shows this year.

Candy Showroom’s purpose still reminds clear and true as it always has since our creation in March 2015 – to bring you home grown content and provide a medium for us to share our views of the automotive community.

For any further information, please visit our FAQ page.

Do you want to get in contact with us? Send us a direct message on our Instagram or send an email over to candycarmedia@gmail.com.