Candy Showroom is a creative outlet that begun with a few friends in 2015 as a channel for 17 year old me to share my own photographs and films of cars which caught my attention. Naturally as time went on, people who have helped to build Candy from the ground up have found themselves entertaining different ventures and supporting the growth of Candy from different angles. Since 2018, all Candy operations have been run by myself with website support being provided by my dear friend William Chappell.

Today, Candy Showroom is continuing to serve the same purpose as it did in 2015, however my love and passion for running this ever growing creative project is more involving and evolving than ever before. With there being no end to the creative freedoms of film, photography and design, I constantly look for opportunities to encourage Candy’s growth. This could be through a large host of projects ranging from automotive feature films, to journalistic articles or new to clothing lines. The possibilities are endless.


For any further information, please visit our FAQ page.

Do you want to get in contact with us? Send us a direct message on our Instagram or send an email over to candycarmedia@gmail.com.