It’s hard to pin point exactly when Candy was born. I know I created our Whatsapp chat on the 8th of March 2015, so let’s just use that as Candy’s Birthday for now. The idea to create a brand and medium through which Sonny Harverson (the co-founder of Candy) and I could share our love for modified cars however was around for years prior.
In the same way that brands such as Stussy, Vans or Palace helped to bring the skate and surf community into the public eye, we created Candy with the intention of shining a spotlight on the ever growing car scene. A big thing for us was that all of our content has to be original, and created by us at Candy. This has been the case since day 1, and will never change. Personally, if the content on our website made at least one person think to themselves “I want to attend a show like that” or “I want to drive a car like that” I’d consider Candy a success. I’m sure the others would agree with me.

Speaking of the others, it’s important I mention the people who run Candy with me. While I make sure the Instagram and YouTube is running smoothly as well as gather the content for the website, Sonny is always in the background liaising with me what we do next and when. He’s currently at University studying something to do with film, so I guess that will come in handy eventually. Being the cofounder he has clarity on what Candy is, and helps to make sure we’re going in the right direction. The next person I need to mention is Will Chappell. Every single button you press on our website, every word of mine you read and every photo you have seen is all thanks to him. He told me once that he loves being known as The Website Guy, so that’s what I introduce him as when I get the chance. I also let him take over the Candy Instagram story from time to time. The fourth and final person to join Candy was Matthew Pawley. He comes along to shows with us whenever he can, and he’s actually quite good with a camera. Some of the photos you’ll see in our show coverage and Instagram posts come from him (same applies to Sonny.) I guess eventually Matt might also come in handy too then.

So with the 2017 show season just around the corner (Ultimate Dubs is in 5 days as I write this) I’m hoping our Content will continue to get sharper and more professional, whilst reaching more people than ever before. With Will and I working full time, we have the weekends off to attend all the shows we possibly can. Sonny and Matt meanwhile have continued with their education, but I’m sure they’ll be coming with us to most of the big shows this year anyway.

Roll on 2017.