CCK September 2020

Published September 10th, 2020

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz 

With an obvious lack of car shows this year due to C19, it’s fair to say the community as a whole has a massive car itch that needs scratching. Luckily for us, the more grass roots, evening car meets are in full swing this summer. Last Sunday, I decided to take my camera along with me to the Ockham Bites meet hosted by and @lowco_automotive, followed by the Monthly Beaconsfield @cckfam meet. I never usually photograph events like these as my photography now tends to cater to a far more controlled environment, however Candy was founded on these small events and I saw no harm in seeing what shots I could grab during the day!

All photos below are ready for you to download in full quality. Simply hold them down and click “save image.”

Feel free to share with your friends and let me know if you enjoyed flicking through this small album. I think I’ll bring my camera along to these sorts of things more often from now on…

First up, the morning Ockham Bites meet, followed up with the CCK meet.