Car Audio Security Open Day 2019

Published May 4th, 2019

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz 

Hold down an image to download it – alternatively see the Flickr link at the bottom of the article

The gap between Ultimate Dubs and the rest of the show season is a little annoying. The 2 month period or so catches me out, and as always I’ve found myself browsing for any events that I can go and cover for you. I missed out on Mod Nats, and I’m not one to bring camera gear with me to the smaller meets I go to in and around London.

There is however one event where I know I’ll see some interesting stuff worth sharing with you. The Car Audio Security Open Event takes place across the last weekend of April and is always a nice insight into the interesting trends you can expect to see this summer.

With this being my third year attending, I had a good understanding of how the cars would be laid out. Lets start with my highlight car of the day: Sam’s static E36



A few wise men have told me that static set ups might be a bit more common this year – the static car movement is definitely alive and kicking in the US and Japan, and as with most trends, they are undoubtedly the creation of what is popular on social media. Like most of you, I’m all about it. While I enjoy anything to do with cars, a static car being dragged about on the floor is definitely the one that will grab my attention.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the top spec modern cars with advanced air set ups running the latest wheels on the market. Sean’s M140i is a prime example of this, and is an example of a car that has been specifically spec’d to the highest trim and then hit with the low stick.



A theme seen again on CAS’s own M2 Competition – this one being one of the first in the country on air!



This lowrider was a highlight of the weekend. Everyone was snapping it up, and I didn’t see or hear a single person say a bad word about it – a car that grabs the attention of everyone from a 12 year old kid to an adult driving past. The amount of details in this build in incredible too, props to the owner!



I finally got a good chance to geek out over Players Jay’s Datsun. So many intense details about this car, especially the colour co-ordination in the interior.



At this point the Meguiar’s Crown Vic did it’s signature peel as it departed home. I’ve seen a lot of burnouts but I can hands down say this thing brought up more smoke in a short space of time than anything I’ve ever seen before.



Right, back to the day. Lovely pair of E36s hidden round the back.


Hold down an image to download it – alternatively see the Flickr link at the bottom of the article



Who doesn’t like a bid body?



My good friend Dino was kind enough to bring me with him to the meet in his M4 – I can say with confidence that the new M cars are just a theatrical and charismatic as the older one I’ve been. A bucket list car for most enthusiasts and for good reason.



And that just about summarise what I saw last weekend at the CAS Open event. There’s a lot of cars I didn’t snap up, but I spent a lot of the day talking with friends and meeting new people. And honestly, that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you for reading, feel free to download and share any of the photos you see here. You can download them by holding them down an clicking save, or going over to the flickr album over here.

In the mean the time, enjoy some of these last snaps I got of the cars leaving.