CCK April 2021

Published May 11th, 2021

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz 


Dear diary, 11th May 2034

Today is day 4136 of being locked up indoors following the outbreak of the deadly global pandemic last decade. My food supplies are now entering the second half of the backed-up, secondary storage reserves. Soon, I’ll be forced to ration my remaining nutrition supplies to a mere 3/4th of a can of baked beans per day. A dramatic decline from the 5/6th of a can that I’ve been pacing myself on for the last 2 years. My good friend Lewis has told me to consider swapping over to his preferred preservative, Spam. What has life come to?

Life in London has been pretty grim recently, I must admit. I’ve recently heard rumours that the entire Bakerloo Line tube tunnels have been converted to a hospital bed facility… follow in the footsteps of the District and Northern Line. A glimmer of hope has appeared though, as apparently there is a new vaccine being brought out that might potentially end it all. Vaccine #348. The government plan to use Wembley stadium for its mass trail run following the recently installation of its much anticipated Lasagne roof.

I woke up today with a vivid memory of the most incredible dream though. I was taken back in time to a period where this was all still fresh to us. It was April 2021…



…It was a time of relief and joy, and a reminder of something that was once super close to my heart. From memory, I think it was 2028 when all internal combustion engine vehicles were permanently prohibited from all use. Anyway, the dream took me back to a simple service station car meet. Beaconsfield to be precise, for a monthly CCK meet that had come back from hibernation following a pandemic winter. Pleasantly, it was relatively busy for a period in time where we weren’t really sure if we were allowed to be there or not.

I remember being armed with my trusty Sony and taking photos of the meet for one reason or another. I can’t quite remember why now, 2021 was a long while ago…



…One of the cars that stood out to me at the meet was Cag’s static F30. The 3 series reappeared with some welcomed changes from the previous year’s summer. Chrome line kidneys and window trim to match the Alpina splits, and a one of one set of clear rear LED taillights. Most noticeably though, or actually very subtly, the car received a F32 front end off a 4 series. Bonnet, bumper, headlights. The whole lot got transplanted straight from the saloon’s coupe equivalent for a super unique take on a car that is generally a familiar sight on the British roads. Or was, until 2028 at least. Time has not been kind to us car enthusiasts.

I also have a very clear memory of a large police presence at the meet. Probably something to do with the fact that we weren’t allowed to gather in groups large than 6 back then. Generally speaking though, the feds were calm with everyone. Gave the guys with no number plates a slap on the wrist on the way in and wandered about not doing very much. This was until they totally shut off the entrance to the service station about 30 minutes after the meet started, cutting off the supply of cars coming in. This of course spoiled the plans of everyone who wanted to arrive to the meet after dinner, along-side general service station guests who were hoping to stop off at Beaconsfield to use the loo. A brown trouser moment for both parties who came across a traffic fed when trying to get in I suppose.

Bizarre to think that’s how crowds were managed in the last decade. We’ve not been allowed to leave the house for the last 2 years now anyway, with anyone leaving their premises getting instantly blown up by target locking, RPG police drones (sponsored by Amazon.) To think it all began with a simple protest policing bill in the early 20s…



…There was a healthy variety of cars at the meet. The days or restricting car gatherings fortunately died off in the late 2010s it seems. The CCK meets did a good job of encouraging all genres of car enthusiasts to engage with each other, with car interest as a whole growing much broader than a single car brand. These days, the only people who organise single make meets are above the age of 45, wear boot cuff jeans and Clarks shoes. You know, drive a Focus ST or and MG or something. I say these days… These days we aren’t allowed to leave the house of course, it’s 2034…




…I think the best thing about this vivid dream of mine was that that all of my mates were there. A lot of them I’ve not seen for months due to the apocalyptic winter of 2020 of course. The evening itself was gorgeous too, nice weather with a super cinematic sunset gliding over the car park.

You know, I still can’t quite remember why I was holding a camera in my dream. I know I was definitely dreaming though, because when I woke up the first thing I did was try to look up @cck on Instagram, and of course there was nothing there to be found. Perhaps writing this stuff into my diary will help to manifest my dreams of freedom from the shackles of global pandemics. Perhaps 2035 will be better than 2034, and 33, and 32…

All the best,




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