Fourinstance: West End Dubs May meet

Published May 22nd, 2016

We’ve been attending Fourinstance’s meets since sometime last year now. I first found out about them through Sonny’s dad who bumped into them on Facebook through an old friend, and ever since then I’ve always been keen to pop down and see what’s going on. Fourinstance host three German car meets a month, with the Kripsy Kreme one being the closest to us we always come along. The fact there’s doughnuts there is also a massive bonus. They also host a meet in the giant Earl’s Court Tesco, which is the one we’re covering in this article. From experience we’ve discovered the Tesco one tends to be a little bit quieter than the Kripsy Kreme one.  However the lighting is better and there’s plenty of space to have a nice look around every car there, whereas the Krispy Kreme meets tend to be quite squashed together due to limited space in the car park.

This month’s Tesco meet had a nice array of cars scattered around the first floor, with the organisers grabbing some of the more photogenic spots.




‘Kevin Dunn’s VW Bora, IG: @gorakev ‘

Being the Co-Founder of Fourinstance, Kevin always brings his Bora to the meets. The R32 MK4 Golf front end sets it apart from your standard Boras, and the grey wrap really sets it apart from the rest of the show cars in the crowd.

We saw Reece’s Audi TT and Harry’s MK6 a week prior to the meet at Dubs At The Park, along with the rest of the Vagabond crew. It was our first time this year seeing the TT on it’s new wheel set up, and seeing the two cars at the meet again gave us another chance to have a wander round and take some better pictures. We’re always impressed at how clean the cars sit, and it’s clear to see the cars are properly cared for. Despite being on air, the cars rolled out looking low and classy.




‘Reece Chapman’s Audi TT, IG: @chapmanmx’

‘Harry Gage;s MK6 Golf, IG: @harrygage’

We finally got the chance to properly meet Mani, who came down in his bagged 190E W201. Mani was one of the first people to receive our Candy sticker, and we were excited when we rolled in behind him as we weren’t aware he was making the trip down. Mani is an absolute chap, and there’s a lot we want to say about him however we’ll save that for our feature of his E class, which we’ll have to bring you guys in the coming weeks.




‘Mani’s 190E W201, IG: @manirajbans’

We can’t forget to mention the London Cartel crew who also made the trip down to the meet. Recently London Cartel’s Co-Founder Jeremy Hillock tragically lost his battle with cancer; although we never met Jeremy personally we heard many stories of his genuine and caring personality, as well as his enthusiasm for his pristine MK1 Golf GTI. It was only fitting to dedicate a minute of silence to Jeremy, which was a touching moment to everyone at the meet and especially emotional for the London Cartel crew.

The guys behind London Cartel brought down a number of attention grabbing cars, and their stickers were scattered on cars at the meet. We’re suckers for old school VWs here at Candy, the blocky-ness of their design and the heritage and history behind the brand meant we kept coming back over to the cars for another look.








We actually turned up to the meet a good hour and half late. I set off on time, however on my way there I managed to hit an invisible curb pulling out of a car park at about 5mph. The sudden impact managed to throw my wheel alignment all off, and I need to wait until this week to book my Polo into the garage to get it fixed. Luckily Sonny came to the rescue and we managed to make it down to the meet with enough time to get some photos.

Overall it was well worth making the small trip down, although I crashed my car on the way down, spirits were high and we continued the night in a good mood. Hopefully my photos give you an idea of how relaxed the meet was, and we’ll definitely make an effort to come to the next one – and hopefully with no accidents this time!

Interested in coming down for the meet? You can find Fourinstance here and here

Thanks for reading, words and photography by Michal Fidowicz









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