Players Classic 2019

Published July 1st, 2019

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz 

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Best weekend of the car show calendar – I can’t stress this enough. It’s something I’ve said in last year’s coverage, and something that still stands to this day. I had an absolutely incredible time at Goodwood last weekend, all of my close friends were there, (I even managed to drag Bill the website guy out of his man-cave!) I was surrounded by the best builds in the UK, there was a live race track to entertain everyone and the weather was perfect.

I’m not going to write up thousands of words like I usually do, because the 260+ photos from Players should get the message across.

One thing I will touch on is the amount of Candy stickers I saw floating about – it blew me away! Majority of the time when I get an order come through I don’t know where it’s really going, so to see them on some incredible cars is really special. Thank you for that.

Let me start the coverage off with my favourite car on Saturday. This would be Lewis’ immaculate 190 – check out the Cosworth kit! Real nice work here, well done mate.


Look, Shak finally made it to a car show!



Hayden running a large slashed banner prototype. Should I put these into production?



Static Clio – nice work!



The need for an S2000 intensifies…



YES – I want to see more small static cars at shows. Love this Fiesta, nice work Dave.

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If you look closely at the chrome, you’ll see Lewis’ Lupo. Which I didn’t take any photos of.



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This interior makes me feel some kind of way… Notice the water bottles by the way? That was a good idea for sure. It was 60oc on Saturday.



I want to be like this guy when I grow up.



And that covers the Saturday. Man, just looking back at these as I write this makes me sad that I’m not at Goodwood right now, enjoying the sun with my close friends.

It doesn’t get any easier for me as we enter the Sunday photos…

My car of the show on Sunday? Has to be Mark’s 106. I did a QnA on our Instagram story recently and someone was complaining that I only appreciate cars built on a millionaire’s budget. Absolutely no clue what he was on about seeing as I geek out over stuff like this more than your regular show car. Mark, great work!

Phase one, comfy leather seats, XSI kit, OEM headlight covers. I want one a lot…



Dino won top 10 on the Sunday, and he didn’t even show off whats under the bonnet! I’ll let you find out for yourself at FittedUK later this month…



It took a while for the UK to get its first properly low and tilted 86, and it came in the form of a BRZ. Nice work, seeing this was really satisfying.

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The old-school hatchback revolution is happening, I can feel it! Brilliant work, I support the cause. I really do.



I don’t tend to see a lot of these A6s about these days, so I’m glad to see someone has noticed the potential here. Really clean car – thank you for running a banner too!




So many cool cars about, the more photos I add to this article the more I’m smiling because I had such a good time at the show.

Now check out Ryan and Olli’s static BMWs. Yup, static. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the RnO guys over on Candy’s Instagram soon (and the YouTube too, which is one I’m looking forward to most…)


Still can’t get over the ride height. Cannot wait to see these cars in their final form.



Too many cool details on this for me to capture. And once again, static.

Staying on the static theme, check out these two…


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Nice carbon touches Beanoid.



And that pretty much wraps up the weekend. Man, I’m already looking forward to next year.

Thanks for taking a flick through the album, if one of the cars pictured belongs to your friend, send them the photo!


Some rolling shots for good measure.

See you next time…

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