Players Classic 2022

Published June 20th, 2022

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz

Woah, long time no speak on here team! As you’ve probably seen, a lot of my event coverage goes through my pals at Speedhunters these days. I thought that for the biggest and best show of the calendar though, Players Classic, I’d keep things in house and treat you to a mega album of all my snaps.

Less words than usual, but more photos. Over 300 to be precise…

These photos are a mix of both Sunday and Saturday in no particular order. I’ll start with the Track parking on the Sunday though.

So, grab something to drink or a snack to munch on, lean back and enjoy the scroll.

P.S All the photos can be downloaded, in full HQ by simply pressing down on them and clicking “Add to photos.” Don’t forget to tag me on Insta if you repost, and show your pals if you see a photo of their car.




No messing about, Players Classic is all about variety. These two motors summarise it pretty well I think.



Period correct goodness.



Awesome to see a set of RMs on something other than a small VW.



This 180 is crazy clean.


Compomotives and Type X kit… too good!


How’s this for a two car solution?


Big presence from the Ford owners this weekend!


Static and big camber in the UK. Brave man!


Just a smidge more camber on the front and we’ve got lift off. Great effort so far though! Keen to see this build progress.


Loads of cars at this year’s show rocking Candy Showroom banners and plate frames. Thank you!


Dave’s new RS Turbo is to die for… check out his new wheel set up.


The IS boys were out in full force this year. Josh’s one takes the cake though, and… it’s static!


Insane paint on Danny’s Z3. I must point out, it was raining on and off all weekend long. If the cars look dusty, it’s not lazy owners, it’s just long weather getting the cars dirty every 20 minutes. 


Gorgeous pair of BMs. Both took home top 10 trophies!


Brochure car in full force! Love these OEM+ classics. 


Little dude loved this thing more than his dad does. Lovely to see, especially with fathers day crossing over with the weekend.


This is awesome. Simple is best!


Little Italian Mini. Very cool and rare to see.


Oof. Day dreamer’s motor this.


Loved this little Toyota economy car.


My interpretation of Fast Car magazine photos from the mid 2000s.


This thing is SICK. More jags please.


Banana car.



Check this out, a Porsche project with Seat where Porsche came in to do some engineering as a contractor on the then Fiat owned brand, before Seat became VAG owned. History is great. 


Marios’s 740 finally out the garage, looking great on some wheels and coilovers. 


Ryan’s racing car still racking quickly. Awesome machine with a ton of engineering behind it. 



The open track on Saturday makes Players Classic, without a doubt, one of the best motoring events on the British show calendar. 


Awesome to see more models and makes that people don’t tend to do in the UK. Even more awesome to see these owners supporting my work on their cars. Thank you!


Napping at the show, sponsored by Candy Showroom. 


My good buddy and life long pal Matt Farmer getting stuck into show cars with his LS460. This type of stuff makes me super happy to see!


Brilliant MK1. Expected nothing less from the guys at RollHard. 


Loads of pillows to ensure everyone is comfy in the race car. 


Big, big, BIG Gran Turismo 4 vibes here. Super sick. 


One of my favourite cars from the weekend. 



My tent buddies over at Latitude tents. Brilliant bit of design and build quality in these things… and they looks sick. 



Brilliant static Toyota thing from my buddy Josh. 




New look on Jack’s RX7 with these shiny wheels. No clue what they are but they look fast. 



Never seen a Mini sit like this! Very cool. 


Dubman Dan machine.



This man must love his Rover. Rate it. 



More Gran Turismo 4 but a few years in the future. Gran Turismo 7?



Loads of Mugen! From one Honda to the next…



Very cool car which I’ve spoken a bit more about in my recent Retro Rides piece over on Speedhuters. 



Right I’ve saved my personal fav till last. Rover 416… Estate! 



Look at that wrap around the dash wood. Sick.




Right, that’s your lot for this year’s show. I hope you enjoyed the album!

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Right, next car motive for me is the BMW meet at CAS on Saturday. Hopefully see you there?