Players Show 13 2019

Published September 24th, 2019

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz 

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Players 8.0 was the first show I ever attended. Back then, I didn’t have a driving licence. In fact I wasn’t even old enough to drive. 6 years later I return to North Weald Airfield, with a load of mates I didn’t even knew existed 6 years ago to see my favourite airfield filled with cool cars for the last time. For those that don’t know, this is the last Players Show held at North Weald Airfield.

I’ll admit, I didn’t take any photos inside the hanger as I felt the cars were too tightly packed together. Nothing that ruined the show experience for me though, if I didn’t have a camera on me I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I did start taking photos very late on in the day though and by the time I shot all the cars I wanted to shoot outside I was fairly keen to just enjoy myself for the rest of the day.

The show itself was as you’d expect. The Players guys have enough experience hosting these events to ensure there’s no organisational hiccups. The food there was pretty nice too, and I found myself wanting a second pineapple burger before I finished the first.

Anyway, onto the cars – an interesting bunch at the show this year! As it’s getting to the end of show season there was a lot of metal there that I’ve seen before but to my surprise there was a lot of new goods too. It was also my first time seeing Lewis’ new daily 6n. Here’s some rollers I took on the evening before the show.



The following morning we set off early for the show. I even managed to take some rollers of my little brother’s first car in the Dartford tunnel.



When we arrived we were met with the finished product of what Kuba’s Lupo could be like. Hayden’s static Lupo has a lot of interesting parts on it, such as the front 3L bumper, rear light covers, chrome tinted pop outs and the colour matched vinyl roof. Very cool daily!



Josh’s Prairie had a good opportunity to show off its blue tints at the show. Being a hot clear day, the lighting made the windows pop.



I’ve been talking to the boys about doing a Candy sponsored build for a while now and we keep throwing about the idea of doing a limo. If anyone has one they fancy donating to us that would be pretty sweet…



Here’s some more photos of Lewis’ Polo. I think these wheels suit it more than they did the Lupo. Am I right or wrong?



I would like to have a colour matched bike on my roof too actually…



A small red Candy sticker. Wow, very rare loot! Thank you, works great on the car.



Olly decided to go home before I took photos of his new wheels. Boo!

And now, onto one of the cleanest static E38s in the UK. Nice work Radek!



Now this Renault 5 was one of my fav cars from the show. I love, small city cars and this one ticks all the right boxes. The itch for something small and french is ever growing now…

Hopefully I’ll see the motor at Ultimate Stance with its new rear arches! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.



The E9x have become rather fashionable recently haven’t they? I’m looking forward to them dropping in price and becoming a bit more obtainable, so more people decide the drag them around on the floor static instead of the usual E46/36s.



Speaking of getting dragged about on the floor static…



Hey Kuba! We’ll sort your Lupo out soon, don’t worry…



Cal’s E46 330d. A car you’ll be seeing more of in our Cleanfest coverage.



Excited to see a handful of Candy banners floating about amongst the show. People often ask me if I do paid photoshoots and I always say no – I shoot cars that I like the look of! If you want to say thank you or if you simply want to support the brand, you can do so by buying a sticker or an item of clothing off the store! That way, we both get something out of it.


Now onto my favourite Porsche in the UK. Dan brought his family with him (his two kids and wife) with him to the show in his static 996 after a Saturday away from home. Imagine road tripping this around the country with your loved ones – Dan, you were definitely the coolest bloke at North Weald that weekend.



We’ll wrap it up with some rollers I got on the way home.



And that rounds up my last ever, Players show at North Weald. Bittersweet moment here for sure, as the location of the first ever show I went to comes to an end. I mean, it was just a concrete field with an aeroplane hangar, but the atmosphere (for me anyway) was definitely unique.

Up next will be my Cleanfest coverage from when we went up to Scotland. Not one to miss…

See you soon!

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