Private Pool Party

Published September 9th, 2021

Words and Photography: Michal Fidowicz

What is the end goal for Candy? I don’t really know, perhaps to sell enough hats so I can buy all my friends a Porsche. That would be pretty neat I guess, however it might be a few years away just yet. I figured though that there are a couple of things I want to do before I get to the stage of worrying who wants what interior trim on their 911.



I’m very fortunate that through Candy I get to meet some pretty incredible individuals. Naturally, I want to bring them all together. I don’t have the patience to organise a big public event and to be honest it’s not really something I want Candy to get into. Candy is a creative passion project, not a car park meet. Or worse, a car show on some grass. Admittedly though I’ve always been drawn to the idea of organising a few smaller, private events.



The event needed to be a little sexier than just meeting in a multi-storey car park. With Edition38 being postponed, I took the opportunity and made a FB event for my close friends. I told them all that I’ll be organising something on the Sunday, it’ll be somewhere in Central London and they should invite a friend or two along.



With the ULEZ zone expanding across Zone 2 at the end of September, this was my last opportunity to utilise Central London for its unique architecture before we’ll all be paying £12.50 to drive in for a day. I often visit South Kensington for it’s High Street which hosts a range of great restaurants. The plan was simple, find an area with free parking and tell my friends to meet me there.



The weather was spot on, the parking area was nice, quiet and empty and slowly my friends started to arrive. Apart from a couple of curtain twitching residents, everyone loved it. I had countless amounts of people stop by and speak to me about the cars. Some of the locals even came by themselves in their own cars and got amongst it. Police came by two or three times to make sure we weren’t being a nuisance and told us to enjoy ourselves.



I reckon during the middle of the gathering we had about 35 or so cars together. Admittedly, getting in and out of Central can be a pain in the arse for those further out of London so now I’ve got something to think about for the next Pool Party. Being in the city gives us the bonus of having loads of food and drink places to choose from for lunch so that went down well.



One of things that topped off the weekend was a night out on the Saturday prior. As a lot of my friends are scattered around the country a handful of them came into the city on Saturday. A night out and car meet combination is a good one for sure. This raises a new question for me then… where next? I guess that’s something for me to think about.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out what my friends and I got up to on the weekend. Next up, FittedUK. See you in Manchester.



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