Q – Do you ship worldwide?
A – Of course, why wouldn’t we?

Q – How long before my sticker arrives
A – We aim for within a week. Working full time outside of post office hours can make this really tricky, however all of our letters are sent out first class. You will receive an email as soon as it’s been posted. If we know a show is coming up we will get them out in time for the show (unless you order the day before.)

Q – How can I get in contact with you?
A – Drop us an Instagram DM, you could even comment on a photo or a YouTube video.

Q – Where are you based?
A – South London boys we out here.

Q – Can I be a Candy rep?
A – For some reason we get this asked a lot, probably because it’s common for smaller pages to try and grow by plastering themselves all over Instagram bios and giving out loads of discounted stuff. Candy isn’t really like that. If you enjoy our content the best way to support us is to simply pick up a sticker from the Store.

Q – Do you reply to DMs, and if so who will I be talking to?
A – Half the fun of running Candy is getting in touch with all of you, and I make an effort to reply to everyone no matter how small the message is. Sometimes I might ask Will or Sonny to reply, but majority of the time I’m the one replying to DMs (I’m being me, Michal.) On the topic of being in touch, if you ever see us wondering about at a show, come up and say hello!

Q – When are you going to make t-shirts?
A – If everything goes to plan we’ll have some by summer.

Q – What do you drive?
A – We had two Micras at one point. Only have one now though.

Q – I want to provide content for you guys, where do I sign up?
A – I’m afraid all of our content is original and home grown, and as far as I can see we won’t be recruiting for a while.

Q – What’s your personal Instagrams?
A – How very kind of you to ask…
Michal Fidowicz @fidowicz
Will Chappell @will__chappell
Sonny Harverson @sonnyharverson
Matt Pawley @matt__pawley