Original Metallic Gold Large Candy Showroom Sticker

Please note: These are a new 2018 metallic vinyl, not the pictured matte vinyl in the images on the store. The images are from the old 2017 matte gold batch. Thank you for your understanding.

Original Candy Showroom window Decal. Now available in a large size, making it perfect from your front and rear window, available in premium reflective Gold vinyl!

This sticker is 54cm wide, and 11.5cm tall.

With this sticker, we took our original Candy Showroom logo and altered the design allowing ultimate durability in all weather conditions.

The sleek design compliments the styling of all cars. From 80s legends such as the MK1 golf, BMW’s E30 3 series and Mercedes’ E-class – to old school air-cooled Beetles and 90s Japanese Wangan icons such as Nissan’s S-chassis models, Civics, Supras, Imprezas and Evos.

Apply with care.


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